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The coronavirus pandemic has upended life for everyone in Denver. We at 911 Restoration believe our community will find its way to a Fresh Start. But we also know many challenges and changes will affect our community between now and then. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or uncertain, remember that you do not have to face this crisis alone. Your entire Denver community is in this with you, and together, we’ll rise above.

Sanitization techs - businessBut we have to take this pandemic seriously.

Many people who contract coronavirus will recover from it. But there are still several members of our community who are at high risk of serious infection, long-term complications, and even death. We must remember that the choices we make for ourselves affect those around us. Practice social distancing whenever possible. Wash your hands frequently and follow organizations like the CDC for updated coronavirus tips.

Maintain a sanitized home and work environment. Coronavirus is extremely contagious in part because individuals may carry the virus without realizing it. Some people go two weeks without experiencing symptoms after exposure. Others may never exhibit signs of infection at all. To play it safe, you must assume that anyone who passes through your space may carry the virus with them. Disinfect thoroughly and frequently.

Sanitization & Disinfection ServicesDo not fall into the trap of assuming that a neglected surface will become a safe surface. Coronavirus may still be viable on certain surfaces even after a few days. The time to disinfect is now. If you own a home, sanitize for the sake of yourself and your loved ones. If you own a retail store or office space, your disinfection routine affects even more people. The employees and customers who enter your property now do so with the awareness that they are at risk of exposure simply by having left their homes. You can be a source of reassurance by maintaining diligent sanitization practices.

If you already feel exhausted by the responsibility of extensive deep cleaning, let us help. 911 Restoration provides professional sanitization and disinfection services in Denver and throughout the wider region. Our expert team is trained to follow CDC and EPA protocols for your peace of mind. We understand what is at stake. Whether you’re trying to maintain a disinfected environment for your family or reassure the customers and employees who keep your doors open, you can count on us for compassionate service. 

These are undoubtedly challenging times. But you can always turn to 911 Restoration of Denver.

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